Tsunami of Sorrow and Hope

Waves of affliction have come, are currently here and are coming again. These are waves of testing. My measuring goes forth to measure during these tests. You were helpless to plead your cause. You had no strength during the testing to influence the measurement. With each wave, I measure your stance, your endurance, your readiness for use.

The tsunami many have prophesied is a great wave of sorrow that will be born upon the shoulders of my church.  I have built the framework on the shoulders of my apostles who will stear this wave in the direction it needs to flow.  Millions of people will be swept up in this wave of sorrow.

My church is the framework.  These people will find hope, safety, provision and love and will be caught in these hidden chambers that are under the wave, that are steering the direction of this wave.  It will be a gigantic wave, but because of the shoulders of my church, it will flow in a direction towards safety.  Many people will lose everything.  But as they are carried in the wave, they will encounter ME, My Presence, the all-sufficient One.

This is the revival.   I have tried to make it easier for you, but many would not listen.  I have transitioned you, moved you, positioned you to be a bulwark in the coming tsunami.  The revival will be a time of sorrow and hope.  A time of repentance and fire.  My presence will consume you, my fire will purge you. 

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