Tsunami of Sorrow and Hope

Waves of affliction have come, are currently here and are coming again. These are waves of testing. My measuring goes forth to measure during these tests. You were helpless to plead your cause. You had no strength during the testing to influence the measurement. With each wave, I measure your stance, your endurance, your readiness for use.

The tsunami many have prophesied is a great wave of sorrow that will be born upon the shoulders of my church.  I have built the framework on the shoulders of my apostles who will stear this wave in the direction it needs to flow.  Millions of people will be swept up in this wave of sorrow.

My church is the framework.  These people will find hope, safety, provision and love and will be caught in these hidden chambers that are under the wave, that are steering the direction of this wave.  It will be a gigantic wave, but because of the shoulders of my church, it will flow in a direction towards safety.  Many people will lose everything.  But as they are carried in the wave, they will encounter ME, My Presence, the all-sufficient One.

This is the revival.   I have tried to make it easier for you, but many would not listen.  I have transitioned you, moved you, positioned you to be a bulwark in the coming tsunami.  The revival will be a time of sorrow and hope.  A time of repentance and fire.  My presence will consume you, my fire will purge you. 

The Legs of Revival

Many are praying for revival, but few want to WALK it through the land – especially the land of America.  We FLY it to other countries, taking in exotic vacations and racking up our flyer miles, bringing back great stories of miracles and salvations. But what of America?  Who will be the legs of revival here?

You say, “What do you mean? We have awesome gatherings here in America. Worship services. Conferences. Revival meetings. Prophetic summits.”  Yes, we do and I am grateful for each and every one of them.  But who will walk the land?  Go into the shunned places, the hard places, the dry places, the poverty-stricken places?

We love to go where we can experience God’s presence, where we can feel revived, but revival is short-lived unless our legs are willing to fight the battles to carry out reform into the dark places of our beloved country.

The dry bones of Ezekiel 37 experienced revival, but they had to WALK and FIGHT to experience reform.  When the bones and sinews all came together, they became an exceedingly great army.  Do you supposed they became an army in order to just sit in the tabernacle or have their quiet time alone with God? Revival without reform is temporary.  You must fight to have reform and you must have reform for revival to last.

Many churches talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus, but the legs and arms are never developed.  We clamor and strive for position within a ministry, to attain a platform that someone else has built.  We preach, teach, sing and do works from this platform, but our arms and legs are undeveloped because we have never learned to LIFT things on our own or WALK on our own.  Many Christians don’t even know what that looks like.  It’s like the scripture John 9:41 – “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now you say, ‘We see.’ Therefore your sin remains.”    We can believe we are fully mature, gifted ministers in a church with positions, titles and accolades, not realizing how undeveloped our legs are, because we have never truly stepped out on our own.  You might say, “But we aren’t supposed to be on our own, we are supposed to be a body.”  True, but each part needs to learn its own function and be strong in its own right.  If a toddler was strapped in a carrier and never learned to crawl or walk or use its arms to lift anything, those portions of his/her body would not develop.  The muscles would atrophy due to nonuse.  Are we wheel-chair bound to the church – being fed because we haven’t bothered to feed ourselves; being clothed in the armor every Sunday because we forget during the week and come to church beat-up and wounded again and again; being pushed about to whatever volunteer service is needed because we don’t realize we can walk and get direction on our own?

Sometimes God has to sever us from our comfort zone, from the platform where we become self-exalted and blind to our handicaps, and transplant us into a setting where we are forced to use what we have never used before.  Where we are forced to do what we have never done before.  It’s a humbling position when you have been on a platform as a pastor, a teacher, an evangelist, a worship leader and suddenly you are put in a place where none of what you were before matters.  Where you have to learn to walk in a new place, a new terrain.  Where you hurt in places you’ve never hurt before. Where everyone and everything feels foreign and you wonder if God has abandoned you.  In a place where you pray for God to send someone to come do this for you or do something for the people in the new place,  because it is not your calling.

It is time to quit crying out for someone else to come.  You are IT!  If you see a need and no one is around to fulfill that need, chances are that God has anointed you for the work.  No one is going to come to do what God has called YOU to do in this season.  Quit crying that you are not able, because God is surely working all things for your good and teaching you what you haven’t known before.  Yes, you feel like an infant all over again.  It is humiliating to find yourself back in elementary school, spiritually.  You want to be able to use your gifts as you did before, but God wants to develop all of you.  He is calling you back to be “poor in spirit.”

Look around.  If your Goliath looks enormous and you are overwhelmed, do one thing at a time. David picked up one stone at a time.  Perhaps he wasn’t sure which one would be needed or if he would need all five.  He even tried on different armor.  We can also go through armor adjustments as we listen to the advice of governmental and religious authorities or even friends and try on their suggested methods before we realize that God gave us the method and the strategy when He called us to this place.  Rise up, take up your bed and walk becomes a command to get up out of our place of atrophy and comfort and walk into a new place of dominion and authority.  With HIM all things are possible.  We can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens us.

No-one is going to save the world.  Each of us have a small piece.  It may not even look like our piece fits.  Intercede for it, fight for it, press in for it.  Don’t give up.  When we meet – whether it is today, tomorrow or a year from now, I expect to laugh with joy at how awesome God is and what He was building through us in spite of us.

I can’t wait to see your piece and how it fits with mine.  Let’s walk the land where God has placed us and claim our inheritance.  Let us drive out the enemies that have tormented us and our families, our schools, our churches, our cities.  Revival happens as the wheel turns.  We receive refreshing rains, fresh vision and direction and we turn and give it out to others.  Ask God for one person to spread your revival to.  One person to encourage, to pray for, to touch, to help, to change, to reform.  Do you see what can happen? One can soon become a thousand, but let’s start with our one piece and our one person.

Let me know how it is going.



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